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How does it work?

The ProHawkTM image enhancement system is the most comprehensive and effective solution in the market. It works by disassembling, processing and reassembling, every pixel of every image, in every frame, all in real-time.

The Digital Enhancement Filter (DEF) combines six interconnected processes to deliver the highest quality enhancement:

  • Dynamic Range Enhancement

    Using density histogram analysis in an innovative way to display the images hidden in both the bright and dark areas of the frame and optimize contrast.

  • Haze Reduction

    The DEF algorithm converges the visual gradient to minimize the effect of haze, mist, fog, dust and smoke.

  • Contextual Enhancement

    DEF identifies the color in the over- and under-exposed areas of the image, delivering improved color representation.

  • Edge Sharpening

    The DEF algorithm reviews each pixel together with contiguous pixels for significant color and brightness changes, generating unrivaled edge sharpening and enhancing the detail in the resultant image.

  • Rapid Movement Detection

    DEF allows the user to reduce the impact of rapid movement on the image. This minimizes the effects of rain, drizzle and snow.

  • Visual Noise Reduction

    Minimizes the impact of “noise” during high levels of enhancement.

Our products are plug and play and deliver unrivaled Multi-Channel Concurrent Enhancement capabilities.
ProHawkTM products leverage a powerful Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processor which runs the latest generation of our Detail Enhancement Filter (DEF) Algorithm. Our products are patent protected and our core algorithms are fully encrypted.

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